THE VICTORY- (Short Story)


Once upon a time, a very old and poor man approached the eldest Pandava- Yudhistir. The poor man’s name was also “Dharmaraj” because he also followed the path of truth and right. This man asks for some help from Yudhistir.


Yudhistir said, “Come tomorrow. I will give you whatever you need. Bhim, he brother of Yudhistir heard the entire conversation. He immediately called up an emergency meeting of important peoples. He announced that the next day would be celebrated as the victory day. Due to a sudden announcement there was a curiosity among the people to know why is it so and who has won what.


The message also reached the Yudhistir. He asked for an answer from Bhim. Bhim said, “For next twenty four hours we have got the victory on our death. Our great Dharmraj has asked a person to come tomorrow to avail the help that mean out Dharmraj has complete faith that next twenty four hours he will be alive. Is this not a time to celebrate?


Yudhistir realized his mistake and he called that poor person and helped him with required resources.




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