About Village Joharkhera

Joharkhera is a small village near Mandkola.  Joharkhera village have a history of approx. 250 years only.  It is separated from Mandkola or we can say some people (forefathers) came from Mandkola village and started living at this place.

Geographically Joharkhera is in Palwal Tehsil and some of land is falling under Palwal and Partialy at Hathin.  It is surrounded by following nearby villages:

In East Badha, in South East Rakhota & Khokiyaka, in North East Mahespur, in North Mandori, in West Mandkola, in South West Mandnaka and in South is Jainpur.  Joharkhera village people are friendly and they have very good relations with all nearby villages.  We have family relations with nearby villages and invite villagers in their functions as per their personal terms.

Being the part of Mandkola village and having respect to our Saint, Nand Das Bas – we always celebrate dauj every year in the memory of Nanddas Baba.  Nanddas baba have a big respect in Dagar Pal villages being borne in a Dagar Family of Village Mandkola.  Their family members in Mandkola still known as Kareke and Kareka Family is also very respectful in Mandkola.  They are still treated very good and also respectful family in Mandkola village.  One Mr.Hemraj Dagar is a well known personality who belongs to that family and devoted to the service of Nand Das Baba Ka Jhiri Wala Mandir.

There are 6-8 people who are involved in business activities and doing very well.

  1. Mr.Satyavir Singh – Running a Website involved in free business ads and VPA Services.
  2. Mr.Neeku – Involved in the business of readymade garments at Palwal, Haryana
  3. Mr.Sukhram Dagar – Dish Service, serving in Village Mandori and Joharkhera
  4. Mr.Ravinder Dagar – Retail Shop at Joharkhera
  5. Mr.Sunder Singh – General Store at Joharkhera
  6. Mr.Sumer Singh – Repairing of Electrical and Electronics Goods at Mandkola
  7. Mr.Satbir – Electrician, doing Electrical work at Village Joharkhera. He is also in job at Jeevan Jyoti School Palwal.

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