Blog writing and site submission to yahoo directory

Since long, I was trying to find out the better options for site performance and done a lot of exercise like article submission, website submission to link building sites, site submission to free sites and much more.
I have done all the efforts for site promotion and gradually all have given return but the most important thing that I observed for website SEO that was blog writing on my own website means onsite promotion have given drastic returns.
In Blog writing the key word research also an important part that cannot be ignored.  As I understand before writing a blog you should have list of important key words that are related to your business and that keyword list should be in front you while writing blogs.
Based on those key words you should plan what be the best idea and topic to cover all these keywords.  Every SEO Company, google and everyone saying that keyword research is important but here I would like to add that apart from key word research the contents of your blog have a much higher important and series in which these words are used.  Further more the topic should be relevant, useful and should be written in a way the invite audience to visit you again and again.
If you bounce on the portal more that 50% means the visitors are not much more interested either in your contents, your website or the contents are not relevant.  Hence, please check your bounce rate after getting visits, visitors are leaving you immediately or they are giving time in reading, understand or using your information.
To create a good audience list and good content writing invite visitors again and again.  Hence, also check that what are the ratio of new visits and returning visitors.  All these information on visits can be taken from google analytics or yahoo analytics.  Either you can get it developed from your developer for specific page, category or your own way but it will cost you unnecessarily.
Hence to keep your audience engaged the blog writing should be done in a properly manner and if needed a specilized services for blog writing can be taken that is very cheaper as on date.
The next important thing that has given good return to me was site submission to yahoo directory.  Yahoo directory submission is important as on date because it helps you to reach genuine and real customers.  But while submitting website to yahoo directory, check relevant category otherwise it will not help you more.  Wrong selection of directory submission means, wasting of money hence make research for relevant category before site submission to yahoo directory.
The next important thing that needs to be used is Dmoz directory submission.  It also plays a very important role in website promotion, hence also submit your site to Dmoz directory.
After doing the above, as well as acceptance of your site by yahoo directory and dmoz directory then you will get best results.
Try it once.


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