Dictionery meaning of listing and other words related to listing

Dictionery meaning of listing and other words related to listing

1. Listing – A Database sequenced or managed in an orderly way or a database containing a sequenced array of things or item list (topics list or names list.).

2. Listing- A distinct part of things or part of group of things enumerated in a list is. That can be businesses that are ordered and can be as business listing.  It can be online business listing or offline business listing.  It can be list of directories.

3. List – This can be a list of people or list of businesses.  Boss have given me a list that needs to be compiled and make it in alphabatical order list of businesses.

4. Bibliography-It is list of things written at a specific time and specific place that is marked on it.  It is a particular list or list of particulars. It can be a list written by many authors or by a single author.

5. Bill or invoice – It is list of particular things like billed items list.  Black list, shortlist, blackbook, list of people or list of businesses, list of biz directories etc. are the examples of this.

6. Calendar – It is a list of happenings or list of events.  It can be social appointments, business appointments, social events list or list of court cases.  I made appointment list in a diary, for example.

7. Chart of Calories – A list of food items and having information about caloric contents.

8. Canon-A list recognized by Roman Catholic Church of saints is called canon.

9. Checklist – A list that is used for checking the things regularly to avoid wrong doings.  He used a list of businesses to be submitted to directories and never mis any business listing on the portal.

10. Catalogue or catalog – A list of things that is arranged systematically.  A complete list of products or a list of business locations or a complete detail about the business like business location, business detail etc.

11. Character Set- Character list in orderly manner that is always used in printing, writing and typing.  It can be a printed list of businesses, written list of businesses and typed list of businesses.

12. A student list, class list or honors list – A list that is issued by examiner or list issued by the university for eligible students for examination or a list issued by the university or the board for achieving specific degree or passing a specific class like CBSE Delhi, Haryana Board of School Education.

13.  Codex – A list of medicines or list of chemicals that is issued officially or an official list of medicines or official list of chemicals.

14. Table of contents or Content List – A list of chapters or a list of articles covered later in detail alongwith the detail of pages.  This a summary of articles or chapters or summary of happenings.

15. Corrigenda – Printed error list happened in a book alongwith the corrections.  A list of business directory that have printing errors, these errors alongwith corrections is called corrigenda.

16. Criminal record or Record of crimes – An accused who is priviously convicted for listed crimes.  This is a criminal record of an accused.  That specific prostitute has a big criminal record.

17. Credits/ Creditor List – Persons who have contributed in creation of firm.  List of creditors means who have given or provided goods on credit.

18. Debtors List – To whom the goods sold on credit and they are supposed to pay money or return money to the firm.

19. Computer Directory or Computer Folder – A list of files stored in these folders or these directory in the memory of computer.  It is usually a hard disk that hard can be internal hard disk or external hard disk.

20. Distribution List – This is the list of names of businesses or peronal list to whom a communcation to be made or list of people to whom a written or verbal communication to be done.

21. Enumeration or numbering – A list of numbers or numbering list.

22. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – A list of questions that is generally asked about a given topic or on a specific topic about which the author is aware.  This is the list of happenings alongwith their answers, in the sequence of questions.

23. Free List – This is list issued by the Central Government on which tariffs are not levied.  A list of specific commodities that is free from tariffs is called freelist.

24. Shopping List or Glocery List – Heterogenous item list that is the want of someone.  Union or union leader came to the table of Director with a complete grocery lists of his demands.

25. Hit-List or Hitlist – A list of people to be eliminated by the murderer.  List of left out victims.

26. Index – An alphabetic list of happenings, list of names or list of topics alonwith page number, they way they are typed or listed.

27. Hit Parade – Hitparade is the ranking of the songs that are very popular at a specific time.

28. Key or Key List – A list of items, list of words or list of phrases that explain about abbreviations or symbols.

29. KeyList or Key of Answers – A list having answers of a test.  A student have stolen the key of answers of final examination.

30. Inventory List or Stock List – A detailed list of inventory items or storcklist item.  A business must have an inventory list or list of stocks.  It can be inventory items or finished goods stock items list.

31. Mailing list – A list of people having details of names, addresses to which a list of businesses to be sent.  A business people maintain various type of mailing list like list of creditors, list of debtors, list of businesses, list of customers, list of vendors or vendor list to whom, he want to sent something on reguar intervals.

32. Masthead or Flag – A list printed about all issues of a magazine or a newspaper (generally on editorial page) that provides the name of publication and the name of editorial staff.

33. Menu or Computer Menu – A list of available option on a specific program or software of a computer that is used by the user frequently or regularly.

34. Necrology – A list of recently died people.  A list of human beings who died recently.

35. Palylist or Play List – A list of selections of music or a list of songs that is to be played or musical list or songs list.

36. Portfolio – A list of assets, a list of businesses portfolio, a list of business directory someone had, a list of financial assets held by bank, a list of financial assets held by financial institution.

37. Price List – A list of prices or a list of different type of goods or list of services or list of businesses, list of online businesses that a value, a list of valuable businesses.

38. Posting or Bookkeeping – A posting in a book of the company record, the posting was made in book of accounts, book keeping the record of postings, postings record of values, postings records of businesses.

39. Push down list, pushdown stack or stack – A list in which next item is to be removed, is the items that is most recently listed or stored (LIFO).

40. Queue/ List/ Row (Processing of Information) – A sequenced list of taks that is to be transmitted, list of items to be performed or messages that are to be transmitted.

41. Roster, Muster Roll, Roll – A list of specific names.  His name was removed from the roaster.

42. Schedule – An ordered list of items to be happened in a planned manner or list of happening in a planned manner is called scheduled.  A scheduled list of happending being made by her for the marriage.

43. Shopping list – Shoppinglist is a list of items that are required to be purchase.  Purchase list is called shopping list or item list that is to be shopped.

44. Shortlist or short list – A list of shortlisted candidates or list of winners.  A list of candidates suitable for this position is already prepared and will be published soon on the official website of TradeCall India.  A list of selected candidates or a list of selected businesses will be published at TradeCall India.

45. Sicklist or sick list – A list of persons those are ill or a list of people who are suffering from disease.

46. Organization or Organisation – An activity, a result or distribution or disposing things methodically or properly.  Workmen of that organization are very much efficient and honest.

47. Itemization or itemisation – To keep the items in a proper method.  Keeping the items in a methodological manner.

48. Stocktaking, Inventorying, Inventory or Stock-taking – Making an itemizedlist or supplies in hand, inventory of goods, inventory of necessary goods or inventory of anything that is in the hold of firm.

49. Website Lists of Free Ads – A list of websites who provide free biz listing on their portal.

50. Listing – A list of items, a list of businesses, a business listing, a biz list or listing of items in an orderly manner.


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