Everything free but really nothing is free

There is large series of free selling and lot of keywords have ‘free’ word before their product.  As the heading itself define that every company selling products free or giving some gifts but every free word has an estric or star (*) mark sign and say below conditions apply.

The same rules applies on India Free Business Listing, free local listing and free B2B listing. When you are doing business in India or anywhere in world specifically when you are online and discussing for anything that is free means there is some motto behind it.

Posting almost free ads have a motto and easily listing your business with free advertisement plans company give you some offer that are called subscription listing, paid adverts or you can say they want to charge you indirectly.

They will should you a table of benefits where one columns have the benefits of free services and another paid with different options, just of compare it.  Such ads of free biz listing impress you in their own way so that you start paying things in small subscriptions and small payment give you small benefits.

Now against as soon as small payment is made they will give you much higher plans with much higher benefits, it is called marketing strategy or indirect selling of products.

May be you know or don’t know online business could have a big benefit for you but before buying you need to take care about cheaters.  There are lot of cheater world-wide hence it is better to try first buy services locally.  There are good local payers in every field and lot of companies give you free trial options.  This is also an another marketing strategy, when they give free trial offer they always ask for the credit card detail and some of them deduct money immediately after completion of expiry or some may deduct immediately.

How to overcome this problem of availing free services.  You need to do two important things while giving your credit card detail or paypal account detail is that first set your credit card limit to zero for international transactions and every card i.e. visa or master gives you this option and also every bank doing the same.  If not, ask the customer care of your financial institution for zero or very little amount of international or national credit limit.

Support you set your credit limit to 1000 and they need payment more than this the card provider company will deny for payment of the same.  Also another way is to do one thing, ask the customer care of that company to set your account like that when it is expired, it needs to be disable and nothing to be charged to you after the due date.

Hence it is the most important thing while placing free ads or free business listing and website submission to directories.  They always attract customers to provide their valuable information, giving the example of existing customers.  However, there are lot of other websites where you really list your business free.  They are basic plan in someway but first check them and await a little for maximum exposure to attract customers.

You should attract customer in a little slower manner because the business promotion online is not an easy task.  There are lot of SEO companies and lot of websites listing day by day. Above all google changing its policy for SEO day by day.

There is a vital demand of free listing companies for business promotion as on date and also there are lot of Search Engine Optimization companies but to identify a good service provider is not an easy task, the only thing you need to do the research work for buying any of these services.

Before buying services of applicable online directories and registering for a business listing on free ads sites do more and research work and find really free services first.

Google is free and easy hence it should be on top.  Yahoo directory is paid one but really works.

Research on free strategy and avail only really free services, like ours.

Check our free business listing that is really free and list your business.


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