Free Business Guide, Yellow Pages Guide and Search Engine Guide

Below given information will be useful for you to list your business on these search engines and search directories in India and abroad.

As you are aware today everyong most of the people connected with mobile and internet and internet & mobile usage is growing drastically.  I had tried to make you aware about usage of internet in India and how below information will help you to promote your business.

First of all, I would like to tell you that if you have a business then you must have a website or online link and it is also necessary to promote business link online.  The next question comes to the mind that where and how to promote your website or how to promote your link.  Below given is the list of some websites, listing portals and search engines, where you can promote your business or submit link for your website or webpage.

In making this list, we have checked various factors that are local factors, in depth listing, content compilation and overall traffic management.  Apart from free ads, these sites have paid options but in the beginning you should avail free benefits and if needed later can be converted to paid services.  In all these cases, you need to verify your e.mail ID, mobile number and in some cases address verification is needed.

Please be noted while submitting your data and submitting your site fill the data carefully and given accurate information about location, keywords, links, sub-links and mail ID.  Any wrong information may put you back behind other competitors and you will not get more benefit from this listing.

Some more things that needs to be taken care are links, website traffic, in-store traffic and citations that need to be fixed properly.  10-15 years back it was easy to list your business on printed yellow directory and after searching on the directory end users may approach you but as on date this is not an easy task to promote business.  In electronic business era you need to be careful and need hard work and you need to take professional services in some cases for business promotion.  We have made and compiled below list of directories for business promotion, where you can submit your business free and easily.

Reputation of your business is depend on listing on maximum websites and rate and review of website and users also much important thing for making group of audience.  You need to monitor this and also check what the net/ internet society feels about you.  What people and search engine think about you.  Hence you need to find right place for local listing apart from below given sites and search engines.

  1. Goolge Places
  2. Facebook fan page (facebook friends page)
  3. or
  5. Yelp
  6. City Search
  7. Yahoo Local
  8. Bing Local
  11. Universal Business Listing (

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