Low Cost Business Ideas & Small Business Promotion

As everybody is aware that in this electronic era cost of labour is increasing day by day and it is difficult to find labour class people. But on the other hand the person who is laborious may earn easily and even can start low cost business.
For start-up you just need a patience, hard work and we can say Junoon to start a new business and also make it successful.  What business can be started easily and that is totally a low cost business and with lesser qualification or lesser education you can start with. Below given is the list of such businesses.
1. Creative Work Ideas
(a) Art & Craft Business
(b) Creative Work Consultant
(c)  Interior Designing Work
(d) Jewelery (Artificial Jewellery)
2. B2B Business
(a) Book Keeping
(b) Book Binding
(c) Business Support
(d) Consultancy Services (Manpower Consultants)
(e) Desktop Publishing
(f)  Representative of a Manufacturer
(g) Medical claim consultant or medical claim help
(h) Security Business or Security Specialist
(i)  Language Conversion or Transcription Services
(j) Virtual Assistant Business or Virtual Personal Assistant Service – For more detail on this visit our VPA Services Section.
3. Job that You Love to Work or Work that you really like
(a) Freelance your expertize, there are lot of website to promote freelancing services or freelancer business.
(b) Hobby Classes or Hobby Bizness
(c) Sports Training or Sports Consultants
(d) Website Design & Development
(f) Business promotion consultant through Facebook, Twitter, linkedin etc
4. Selling of Product or Trading
(a) Cart or Kiosk
(b) Direct Sales or Indirect Sales
(c) eBay Business
(d) Gift Gallery and Basket of Gift
(f) Meet Sales or Swap Meet Selling
5. Personal Care or Personally Serving People
(a) Child Care Service or Elder Care Services
(b) Insurance Agent or Insurance Adviser or Financial Consultant
(c) Meeting Organizing Help and Support
(d) Personal Help and Personal Concierge Services
(e) Personal Shopping Service for People
(f) Modeling Contractor or Re-Modeling Contractor
(g) Travel Agents, Ticketing Booking Service, Railway and Air Ticket Booking
(h) Tutions, Home Tuitions, Tutoring Services
(i) Event Management, Wedding Consultant Services
6. Part Time Business or More Services
(a) Senior Citizen Care Services
(b) Pet Services or Pet Business
(c) Part Time Service or Part-Time Business
(d) Service Organization
(e) Week End Business Services
7.  Other Service or Home Based Services
(a) Laundry, Cleaning, Dyeing and Drycleaning Services
(b) Event Management and Planning
(c) Mobile Shops, Mobile Recharge or Online Recharge Service
(d) Photography Services, Mobile Photography, Photographer


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