Meaning and Definition of Free Ads or Definition of Free Business Listing

Below given is the meaning of Free Ads or meaning of free business listing:
List-ing : An electronically printed list of business or physically printed list on paper like telephone directory can be said to be a listing.  This is listing may be free listing or paid listing.
This is also can be said that business listed in a list of business directory that directory may be online or offline (means printed on paper).
Definition of Listing :
1. A work or act of listing of business in a list is called listing.  Like a list of businesses.
2. Something listed – A list of school students.
3. Things that are ordered or sequenced in a way is called listing.
4. An electronically printed list or printed on paper list that can be read by people is also called listing.
5. Commercial definition of listing further be defined at a company listed in SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India).
6. Further more a list or listing can be like list of films, list of films registered with sensor board of India.
7. Acting or having compiled a list of businesses.
8. Something listed or included in a list.
Examples of Listing:
1. School listing of students online, Website listing for link building online and Listing websites online etc.
2. Offline Directory Listing, Telephone Directory Listing, Directory of Schools, Directory of Property Dealers.
Words near listing in Dictionary:
1. Previous word in dictionary is listful.
2. Next word from listing is Listless in dictionary.
Free List – In commerce you can say list of commodities.
For more better definition of listing, give your suggestions.


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