Haryanavi Culture and Traditions in Haryana

We welcome you to the land of Milk, Hookahs and Khats. This is the land where opulence determined by number of cows and buffalos, a family has. We live for milk (doodh), malai, khoya, laddu, kadhi, gur, bathua ka rayta, bajre ki roti, chane ka saag etc. Means jit doodh dahi ka khana, aisa hamara haryana.

It is the haryana, when farmers going to land taking roties with onion. It is the place where the breakfast is adhura (incomplete) without dahi or lassi or milk. Here a person cannot sleep, without a glass of milk.

Haryana also said to be a green belt of the country. Now Haryana cannot be said only bread-basket but also Haryana is a central hub of the country for major industries. Haryana is the largest manufacturer of Cars, Tractors and Two Wheelers. In Haryana major industries are Maruti Udyog Limited, Hero Honda, Eicher Tractor, Escorts Limited, JCB Limited, ACE Cranes, Dee Development etc.

Haryana is most economically developed region in South Asia. Haryana has maximum number of rural crorepaties. Faridabad is the largest city of Haryana, however now Gurgaon is also spread over in a very big area. Major Ethnic groups in Haryana are – Jaats having approx 90% of the population. Others are Sikhs, Muslims, Christians. Sikhs are very much respected in Haryana. Baba Ramdev is spreading its gurukuls in Haryana.

Haryana has about 5000 years old history and Vedas are written in Haryana, India only. Haryana grows a large amount of grains and it is the land of riches. Being gateway of India, Haryana faces lot of wars in ancient era.

There are lot of courts are set-up but still in Haryana panch panmeshwar system is working and in place. However, culture is changed but still we have taus, taes, chachas, chachies, dadis, dadas and bhaiya bhabhi in Haryana. We still respect elders and pandits are called dada in haryana.

The people of haryana are very simple, sobre, straight forward, hard working and respectful. We still follow old practices and matching with the new culture.

Raag, Ragni, Dhol, Baaja, Nagada, Bhajan kirtan are still performed regularly and we follow vedic culture in Haryana. Yogas and vedic mantras are still spoken and havans are regularly performed in villages in cities of Haryana. Swang and ramleela is still popular in village.

In Haryana – holi, bhai duj, teej, makar sankranti, rakhi, dussehra, diwali, saavn ka jhoola and mehndi rasam is the integral part of festivals and celebrations.

Dupatta, Kamiz, Salvar, ghaagra, pajams, are the different wearings. People, specially ladies are fond of silver ornaments and gold ornaments in Haryana. Hasli, jhalra, mohars, karnphul and bujni are the gold and siver ornaments of Haryana.

The most striking and important feature of Haryana is its khadi boli, the way it is spoken. It is known as Haryanavi or khadi boli.

We, the Haryanavi not only following the old culture but we have marched to modernity with leaps and bounds. Haryana has provided material roads, electricity and drinking water to every village within a record time and the base of the same was made by then Chief Minister, Mr.Bansi Lal.

Now Haryana is one of the most prosperous and economically developed states of India having one of highest per capita income in the country.

No doubt, we have to go long way and you love to know more and more about Haryana under the Chief Minister, Mr.M.L.Khattar of BJP. Now we can proudly say that Shri Shri Narendra Modi has given us a brilliant and honest CM.

We altogether pray to God for long life of Shri Narendra Modi and Mr.M.L.Khattar. In their leadership, they will take India and Haryana to big heights.

Let us all support – Campaign : Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Om Param Pita Parmatama


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