Job interview cracking skills & how to crack job interview

Are you afraid from facing interview. Don’t worry, we will help you. You just need to do the following, immediately:

1. Overcome from the fear of failure of interview.
2. Understand what is your job requirements and what qualification do you possess.
3. Think how you can benefit that particular company.
4. Make a list of questions what can be asked for and make yourself aware about the answers.
5. Be sincere and never fabricate your CV. Put only what is right and necessarily required.
6. Be honest and always you should be flexible.
7. Ask for the feedback about the interview at the time of leaving.
8. Salary negotiations should be done fairly and for lower and middle management at 25-40% salary hike is reasonable.
9. After job acceptance, never ditch and never try again and again. It may spoil your life.

Familiar Interview Questions, in their order of questions.

1. Your name.
2. Where do you live.
3. Tell me something about yourself.
(i) Tell about your – education, experience and nature of work (ii) About your family etc.
4. What your father do/ or what about parents/ what about your family including your brothers and sisters.
5. Your qualifications, experience and nature of last job.
6. Why do you want to change.
7. How you can be useful to us or why we should appoint you.
8. What salary you are drawing.
9. What your expected salary (always ask about CTC and take home salary).
10. When you can join/ Notice period.
11. Justify your salary demand.


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