Haryana Sayings & Haryanavi Sayings (Haryanavi Kahavaten)

The hindi word Kahavat or Kahawat means sayings. It is from Hindi word kahana, means to say. Haryanavi language may be stated as one of the Indian languages but basically it is Hindi. As all are aware, in India language is changed in every 25 km distance.

Haryanavi language gave birth to Khadi boli in Hindi and many of kahavatain are found in Hindi and some of them still are stated in Hindi/ Harynavi Language. In daily life of Haryana, one can come across a lot of phrases and proses. It is very difficult to note all of them but some of them are listed below. In a village at each and every corner where group of people are sitting and smoking hookas or hookahs or where there are a group of females are sitting or working together in a field, all these kahavatein are the living part of their conversation and daily life. This make haryana a different culture, all over India and the world.

One old man said, when one becoming rich – aajkal dharti par par na tiktey iskey. It means that person flying high and it can be said a kahawat. We are trying to brief some of Haryanavi Kahavatain and kahaniyan as under and hope you will enjoy all of them.

1. Jaat mara jab jan jab terahvi ho ja.
Means death of a jaat only confirmed after 13 days of his death.

2. Langri Mandkola utar ja jab janiye.
Means that specific work is confirmed to been happen, after happening of some other job.

3. Kag padhaya pinjare, padh gaya charon ved – samjhaye samjha nahin, raha dhedh ka dhed.
Means you cannot educate a crow just like a parrot. If you teach him in a cage that will understand nothing like a foolish man. He will remain foolish and never change.

4. Jaat kahe jatni se, jai is gaon main rahna, chiti khaa gi hathni ne, haan ji han ji kahna.
Means one jaat said to his wife, if you want to live happily in this village, say just yes to everyone. Even when someone said an ant has eaten an elephant.

5. Jai Baniya banjaye hakim to gajab khuda.
Means If businessman became ruler, then only the God can help.

6. Te Te Paon Pasariye Jitni Lambi Saur.
Means Cut your Coat according to your cloth.

7. Hardi Jardi na taje, khat ras taje na aam, sheelvant gun na taje, augan taje na gulam.
Means Turmeric never leaves its color, mango always have sour test, gentleman never leave good things and offender never leaves wrong doings.


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