Palwal Railway Station

Palwal Railway Station is situated in the eastern part of the Palwal City. Krishna Colony and Shiv Colony are the area touching to the Station to the west side. Palwal Anaj Mandi is closed to Palwal Railway Station.

Palwal Railway Station is Located in Southern Part of Haryana. Palwal station belongs to Northern Railway and is a part of Delhi . Neighbourhood Stations are Rundhi & Asaoti and Near By major Station is New Delhi/ Delhi.

Nearby Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport . Total 18 Express Trains Stops at this Station and various EMU trains are running between Palwal-Delhi-Palwal and Palwal-Mathura-Palwal.

Palwal station have 8 numbers plateforms and now a days it is being maintained properly. Palwal railway station enquiry number is 139.

From Palwal Bus Stand it is approx 1 Km in East and there are lot of autos available from there.

Palwal Railway Station (PW) comes under Northern Railway Zone (NRZ) of Indian Railways. Palwal Railway Station handles more than 42 (up/down) daily trains and serves/ carries approx 64000 passengers everyday.

There are appox 21 trains which starts or passes from Palwal Station and shown below. For more detail click on desired train number/ station.

# Train No. Train Name From To
1 64015 Pwl Ssb 12car Emu Palwal Shakurbasti
2 54003 Ksv Nzm Passenger Kosi Kalan Delhi H Nizamuddin
3 12189 Maha Kaushal Express Jabalpur Delhi H Nizamuddin
4 19024 Fzr Bct Janata Firozpur Cant Mumbai Central
5 64017 Pwl Ssb 12caremu Palwal Shakurbasti
6 64061 Pwl Dli Emu Palwal Old Delhi
7 64902 Gzb Ksv 12car Emu Ghaziabad Kosi Kalan
8 12190 Maha Kaushal Express Delhi H Nizamuddin Jabalpur
9 64904 Gzb Mtj 12caremu Ghaziabad Mathura Jn
10 18237 Bsp Asr Chhatisgarh Exp Bilaspur Jn Amritsar Jn
11 64910 Ssb Mtj 12car Emu Shakurbasti Mathura Jn
12 12920 Malwa Express Jammu Tawi Indore Jn Bg
13 64073 Ksv Ndls 12car Emu Kosi Kalan New Delhi
14 64014 Ssb Pwl 10 Car Emu Shakurbasti Palwal
15 64016 Ssb Pwl Emu Shakurbasti Palwal
16 64052 Gzb Pwl 12car Emu Ghaziabad Palwal
17 64064 Pnd 4 Emu Old Delhi Palwal
18 64080 Ndls Pwl 10 Car Emu New Delhi Palwal
19 64082 Ndls Pwl Emu New Delhi Palwal
20 64492 Ndls Pwl Ladies Spl New Delhi Palwal
21 64906 Gzb Pwl 12car Emu Ghaziabad Palwal


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