Traffic Police Palwal and Three Wheelers in Palwal

District Police of palwal has decided to give unique numbers to the autos (three) wheelers in 2015. The Palwal traffic police officials are in the process of collecting the details from the auto drivers.

Mr.Satish Kumar, SHO Traffic Police Palwal said that they have already provided one unique number to more than 200 auto drivers. The series of special identity number/ unique number starts from PLW-A-0999. This series number continue from A and ending at Z.

Police is trying to control the rule breaking attitude of auto owners in Palwal.

Auto Drivers needs to provide their name, address, registration number and licence copy alongwith age and current & alternate mobile number to the police to have the unique identity.

There are approx 6000 autos in the Palwal district, out of this approx 40% are registered in Faridabad and Ballabgarh Authority. The Palwal Traffic Police aim to register all the 3 wheeler drivers on or before January end.

All three wheeler drivers have been notified for the same.

Notification for registration to all the auto-drivers have been issued by the District Police.


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