List of Nursing Homes & Hospitals in Palwal District

List of Hospitals and Nursing Homes as well as Clinics in Palwal

1. Sukhram Hospital Palwal
2. Bansal Nursing Home Palwal
3. Gupta Nursing Home Palwal
4. Saluja Nursing Home
5. City Hospital Palwal
6. Rahul Nursing Home
7. Goyal Hospital & Nursing Home, Bus Stand Chowk, Palwal
8. Mittal Nursing Home & Clinic
9. Om Premia Hospital
10. Malik Nursing Home
11. Naresh Thakur Hospital
12. Balchand Nursing Home
13. Dharam Hospital, Amarpur
14. Kishan Singh Hospital
15. Able Charitable Hospital
16. Dr.Anuj Mittal Nursing Home Palwal
17. Murthi Devi Memorial Hospital Palwal
18. Prem Jeevan Hospital Palwal
19. Dr.Rajeev Agarwal Palwal
20. Cosmos Hospital & Trauma Center Palwal
21. Dr. Prabhu Dayal Arya Hospital Palwal
22. Maxwell Nursing Home Mahespur Palwal
23. Bengali Nursing Home (Golden Hospital) Palwal
24. Irene Cosmos Hospital Palwal
25. KC Hospital (Sarvodaya Branch) Palwal
26. Moti Nursing Home Palwal
27. Bagla Nursing Home Palwal
28. Amita Maternity Home Palwal
29. Balaji Nursing Home Palwal
30. Family Medicare & Heart Centre Palwal
31. Anmol Nursing Centre Palwal
32. Metro Heart Inst Br (Bagla NH) Palwal


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