What is Virtual PA or Who is Virtual PA

There is a big misunderstanding in the world about a Virtual PA or Virtual PA Services. Virtual Assistant means the assistant physically not present in the office of master or hirer.

Virtual Assistant is also known as Automated Online Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is not an employee but he/ she shares the success and plays a very important role in the growth of client’s business. This requires a completely different approach and mindset than an administrative and secretarial work in the Non-Virtual World.

Virtual PA provides personal, administrative, secretarial, technical or creative assistance to its users/ clients with the help of rapidly growing technologies. A Virtual Assistant, works’ remotely from their virtual office to cater to the needs of their client and reduce his burden of work, costs and consequently increase the efficiency of the user. A Virtual Assistant provides his/ her services to users round the globe and ultimately has no distance barriers.

A dedicated virtual personal assistant provides equally individualized and personalized services to his/ her client without the added expenses usually associated with a new or regular employee. If someone hires a VPA, there is no need to worry about technology costs, office space, health insurance and much more. A VPA is paid only for the worked hours, or on project basis or on the basis of tailor made job as mutually agreed between the VPA Service Provider and the Client.


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