Historical places in Palwal District or Places of Interest in Palwal

Palwal is an historical place and palwal have very big history behind it. Below given is the list of historical places in Palwal.

1. Jhiri Wale Baba Ka Mandir – Jhire wale nand das baba ka mandir is located in Mandkola. He was borne in kareka family from Mandkola and a mela is organised every year in the memory of nanddas baba at jhire wale mandir. It is known as dauj ka mela and celebrated in the month of bhado (hindi month).

2. Baba Udasnath Ka Mandir in Alawalpur – It is located in village Alawalpur, a Mela is organised in the memory of Baba Udasnath.

3. Dauji Ka Mandir in Banchari – Approx 25 kms away from Palwal on GT Road, situated in Banchari is Dauji temple. It is dedicated to elder brother of Lord Krishna, Balrama.

4. Panchvati Mandir in Palwal – This temple is named after Pandavas. As per the legend, Pandavas spend their exile days at this place. Later a temple named as Panchvati Mandir is constructed here.

5. Pandav Van in Hodal – Pandav van is situated in Hodal city of Palwal district. A temple and a cave is there, it is presumed about it that Pandavas had stayed here during the periof of their exile.

6. Fort Raja Nahar Singh in Ballabgarh – Today, walls of Palace of Raja Nahar Singh Ballabgarh vibrate again, with the echo of drums & trumpets. With the eager feet of visitors & the exclaims of delight at the sight of this beautifully & well maintained palace of the legendary Raja Nahar Singh.

7. Roshan Chirag Tomb in Palwal – Saint Roshan Chirag tomb is one of the main & important monuments of Palwal. This tomb was built by Saint, collecting stones as contribution from the cart bearers.

8. Sati Ka Talab in Hodal – In Hodal city, there is a temple and also a pond named as Sati Ka Talab. Every year in January Month, a Mela is organised and women folk pray for the Devi Sati and men take part in wrestling and also other rural sports at Sati Ka Talab Hodal.

9. Sayeed Sharif Ki Dargah – This dargah is situated in Jalalpur village of Hathin Block. Many devotees visit sayeed dargah Jalalpur on daily basis.

Above given is the list of historical places in Palwal. For more detail visit our separate blogs or comments.


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