Advertise With Us

Apart from the available other methods, you can also promote your business with us. With our large database of local businesses, we can help you in promoting your business. You can advertise with us through our below mentioned advertising options. The plans can be moulded according to area specifications, keyword settings and banner size etc.

  1. Front Page Ads.
  2. Inner Page Ads based on Keyword Searches
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Ads through Newsletter.
  5. Publishing through News & Events.
  6. Complete Package including all above.

Buy Data

As our data is unique, verified & geographically segregated in such a way that even if you need data based on the pin codes, it can be provided to you accordingly.

If needed, it can be refined category-wise, hence it is well clear that you will get type of data – what you need. Based on our refined and verified data you will be able to reach to businesses where you want to reach and publish your business accordingly.

However, we also have a facility to help you in promoting your business through E.mails to the end customers.

For more detail, please write to us at or


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