Benefits & Savings from VPA

By using Tradecall’s VPA Services you will be benefitted in the following ways –

1. Cost Saving – You can reduce your costs by hiring a virtual assistant, as compared to hiring a real employee who sits in your office and much costlier than a virtual employee.

2. No Hassles – You do not have to get into the hassles of hiring a new employee, conducting interviews, training new employees, purchasing equipment, arranging software’s and office space.

3. Commitment – Tradecall’s agenda is commitment towards its users and clients, so the virtual assistants that will be assigned to you will have high standards of honesty, integrity and dedication.

4. Flexibility – Tradecall provides a flexibility to its users to only pay for the time they used its VPA and not necessarily for the whole 40/48 hours per week. This flexibility gives you a cost cutting too.

5. Confidentiality and Trust – As mentioned earlier you can confide in us while sharing your confidential office or personal information as our virtual assistant’s integrity is unmatchable and Tradecall takes the responsibility for any kind of fraud done with the user.


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