Business promotion in India and Business Branding Techniques in India

Advertising in India, Business Branding in India and Reputation Management in India is still easy as compared to UK, USA, Australia and Canada and some other European countries where internet users and website/ portal are much more than India.  If you are starting business in India, you need to follow these steps on or before start of business.  Below given are the methods and tacts you need to do for setting up a business in India.

1.First, plan right business for you, in which you are interested say really interested.  Not start any business just for influenced by others and on believing the stories of others.  It is not necessary where one is succeed other will necessarily succeed.

  1. Furthermore, it depends on your product, your services and your profile but the most important thing, the method you use for promotion.  It is your initial image, perception, and product and brand that help you to reach to your potential market with clear and positive approach.
  1. We at TradeCall being into business branding and free online listing, we suggest you to start with very positive, and initially with a very good image because once it is gone then it is very difficult to rebrand your image.  Customers and your online audience makes your image and please do not take him lightly in the initial stage.  In the beginning of business set-up or business start up, everyone needs to work carefully, positively and hence deal with your clients respectfully.
  1. Build long term relationship with clients, make them partner in your growth and give reference to new clients about the old one.  First listen to the customer and then give right and positive solutions to the clients.
  1. Never give up.  If you are starting a business and feel harassed on denying by 10-20 customers, you should drop your idea in coming to the business. Both for online business and offline business, online promotion is needed but in both the cases patience is necessary.
  1. To start with initially, use maximum free business promotion services.  There are lot of free services and  free business promotion websites in India that can help you in branding your image free.
  1. You should plan your promotion strategy even before start of the business.  You should book domain immediately and start writing contents on it, amend it when needed but it should be based on real work and should not be copied.  Because google may penalize you if the contents are copied.
  1. You should also be well aware about technology implementation,  about the business promotion trend and also time to time upgradation in technology say every technological changes.  All the time you cannot follow old trends, if this is the case then you will lack behind.
  1. You should also think out of box, I am giving you an example of the same.  Everyone running behind for online business submission and promotion on google and it is difficult to get more visits through google.  Do not run behind google, do something out of box and use the ways that google must follow you. How you can do so, you need to know it.
  1. The answer for Sr.No.9 is that you should promote your business side by side with other business promotion sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, yahoo, bing and other take paid services of other online business promotion site.  When your visits will increase through other promotion matrix then google will follow you and your ranking will automatically be increased. It is real, I am using this and sharing practical experience with you.
  1. You also need to use 360 degree tool say 360 business promotion tools like print media, local publishing, social media, internet marketing means everywhere and whatever you can do.  Only one tool never gives your business a success.
  1. You need to do both online and offline business promotion because offline business branding also create online image.
  1. One more important thing, you need to do is – never try to do everything alone for business development.  You need to hire people initially for specialized services.  Suppose you have a website for medical transcription services then first you need to take help for blog writing from medical transcription specialist to promote your business. Hence, for writing blog specialized services are required.
  1. Furthermore you need to use business promotion software tools, some business marketing tools are available online free and some tools are payable but that can also help you in business branding.  To grow your business in highly changing environment and very competitive market, you need to work through these tools.
  1. You need to create a panel of experts, if you are providing expert or specialized services in India.  Hire consultancy services for SEO and it is better to hire local Search Engine Optimization companies for business branding, so that you can deal with them person to person.
  1. You also need to book ads and while booking ads, you need to take care for your contents.  Contents should be well written, well framed and without any errors.  Well designed formats & images to be used and it should be relevant to your business.
  1. Business registration in some cases are compulsory wherein it is statutory requirement you need to register it.  Hence check and find out where you need to do this and at which stage it is needed.

We at TradeCall India, have service portfolio that includes different services like Free Ads or Free Online Business Promotion, Business Promotion Consultancy and Online Market research.

We are also engaged in Virtual PA Services, wherein we provide personal assistance to busy individuals in person or we have corporate clients in our portfolio for Virtual PA Services.

Apart from the above, we also provide legal aid to needy people and poorer sections of the society without any charges.

For any enquiry, advertisement or any help you may write to us on our mail ID displayed on the front page/ contact us page of the portal.


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