What services we offer?

We offer Free Business Listing and Virtual PA Services.  However, we take responsibility for a lot of other jobs hence in summarised way it can be said that there is no limit for this.

What are our business hours & when we are available?

Generally it is 9.00am to 8.30pm but in case of urgency we are available 24×7 on e-mail/ phone.

How to identify suitable plan for Virtual PA Services?

– You can select from our available hourly plans or

– We understand your specific task and then quote or

– We will design specific plan for you for virtual assistance or for physical presence on your work place, as & when needed.

How to select my VPA or PA & what qualification he/ she possesses.

– We will depute 2-3 people for selection, based on your requirement.  All VPAs/PAs have completed graduation & some of them are post graduate and they have expertise in their area.

– However, you can interview and select candidate as per your requirement.

How to start with?

– Select your VPA & chose your plan.

– After that you need to do some small formalities like signing of some necessary forms.

– Make partial payment in advance (as mutually agreed) for the selected/ specified job to proceed with.

Payment methods.

– You can make payment in Cash, Cheque, Account transfer or via PayPal.

A/c renewal and cancellation.

– Select/ switch to your selected plan.

– Send renewal mail and

– Make payment, if you want to renew your account.

– For cancellation write to us on our mail – tradecall.in@gmail.com

How to contact you/ your VPA.

– Through mail or phone or skype.

Privacy & refund policy.

– We always maintain confidentiality, never distribute or disclose any information to anybody nor we sell or rent out any information of our clients availaing our VPA Services.

– Payments are refundable only after deducting initial costs, used time and misc expenses incurred for you.

How to track worked hours for me?

– If asked for we will submit daily report or by default we will provide it on weekly basis.

How do you ensure quality of work?

– We hire only trained professionals, further train them at our end and even then all jobs tracked by a Team Leader.


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