Investment Opportunity

Investors are most welcome to invest in Tradecall, to grow our business on large scale. In return we assure that our business module will surely provide investors the best returns in the industry. Investing with TradeCall not only gives you returns but also an opportunity to grow businesses of business people, on a larger scale, to gain a global reach with us.

Also you will be paid for the leads generated while working with us as an advertiser.

However, investment is not the only criteria to work with us. There are various other ways through which you can be a part of tradecall.

Following are different areas where you can be a part of Tradecall, while working at home:

-> Help us in local search, listing businesses of your locality, use your personal/ social network, display quotes on your mail ID and other available options for growing our business.

-> Provide reviews about various hotels, restaurant, picnic spots, hangout places near to your place, and whatever you would like to share.

-> Provide details about various upcoming events in your city.

-> Review/ Rate, listed businesses on our portal.


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