Offline and Online Business Promotion

The first step towards business promotion is free registration of your company in our business listing. Other than that, there are basically two kinds of business approach that you should follow in order to expand your business:

Online Business Promotion:

  1. Set up your own website.
  2. Connect with various social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc.
  3. Participate in various blogs, forums and include your website URL, as signature.
  4. Send promotional emails to attract more customers.
  5. Change your website content on regular basis for better SEO and ranking.

Offline Business Promotion:

  1. Include your website URL on letterheads and business cards.
  2. Distribute promotional items with your company name and URL printed on the same.
  3. Advertise in media.
  4. Cold calling.
  5. Sponsor local events and charity functions.
  6. Use hoardings on busy roads and streets.

If you need any help in growing your business, please write to us.


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