Our VPA Plans & Pricing for VPA Services

Our plans are so designed to meet the requirements of each and every individual, either he/ she need services in individual capacity or being a part of corporate/ big business. Whether you want to use our services for a few hours or on long term basis, you will find a package to suit you, and your business.

Consultation is free, with no set up fees. You are only charged for the hours worked + any additional material costs, and expenses such as – projects requiring outside printing or custom paper stock, postal, telephone, conveyance (transportation), courier, express delivery charges related to your project.

All tasks are invoiced at the end of each project and payment is due immediately after invoice.

We have three type of plans, and when asked for, quote will be given accordingly after understanding your requirement.

1. Hourly basis.

2. Project basis.

3. Tailor made plans.

If any of the plan is finalized and work is performed without any visit to your place, you will get 10% discount on the offered prices and also you can avoid paying conveyance, commuting hours billing, computer, software and other overheads except any printed material delivered to you, that will be charged extra. Transport will be calculated from my place to your place & back to my destination.

For the above Services – Payment will be decided based on criticality of the job, time and place of visit.


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