Why VPA & How VPA Works

If you are a busy individual, either working without an assistant or have an assistant but still in pressure and cannot afford full time assistant then you have the only option to hire a Virtual PA. Some main reasons, why to hire a VPA:

  1. A Virtual PA makes the life easier like a regular PA and paid only for worked hours.
  2. There is no need to provide office space, furnishings and equipment.
  3. Doesn’t need any training as they are well experienced and ready to work.
  4. No need to pay for leaves, holidays, tea breaks and avoid other costs like insurance, PF, Bonus, LTA, Medical etc.
  5. A VA has complete softwares with them, with a good knowledge of its operations.
  6. He is well aware about new tools & technologies and completes the work very fast.
  7. Last but not the least – maintain confidentiality, available round the clock and never take leaves when you are in urgent need

How VPA Works

The process of Tradecall’s VPA service work is:

  1. First we set up a meeting, either on phone, skype or physically (if possible) to establish a connection between the user and Tradecall.
  2. This is most important phase on which we spend the maximum time, which is to know your requirements. We try to get each and every detail of your pain areas and assist you in the best possible ways.
  3. Next, we do homework at our end to appoint assistants who are best suited to accomplish the tasks, the user would need and fix an appointment with you for taking your consent.
  4. Then, we decide the pricing according to the services the user needs and then sign a contract.
  5. The services are commenced on the date and time mentioned in the contract and executes the job within specified time.

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